ARRI SkyPanel S360-С

ARRI SkyPanel S360-С

The ARRI SkyPanel has always been known for its tremendous output and large light aperture.

The new S360-C has expanded ARRI’s LED soft light range with the largest and brightest SkyPanel to date. Not only is the S360-C powerful, but it is packed full of exciting features, making it one of the most versatile LED fixtures on the market. Retaining the same features and color tuneability as its smaller counterparts, the surface area of the S360-C is over 5.8 times larger than the S60 and at over 120,000 lumens it consumes only 1500 watts.

The S360-C is truly a beast of a light.

Light Aperture: 1280 x 870 mm
Beam Angle: 105º
Weight: 41 kg
Handling: Carbon Fiber Yoke, High Strength Tilt Lock
Lamphead Voltage Input: 54 V DC
Power Consumption: 1500 W Nominal, 1600 W Maximum
Wireless Control: LumenRadio CRMX
White Light: 2,800K – 10,000 K
Colored Light: Full RBG+W Color Gamut with Hue and Saturation Control
Control: On-Board Controller, 5-Pin DMX In and Through, EtherCon LAN Network Connectivity, USB-A, Art-Net
Software Interface: Ethernet: DMX Setup, Fixture Status & Control, and Firmware Upgrade through PC or Mac, USB-A: Software Upgrade via flash drive
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 hours


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