Beyerdynamic Aventho wireless

Beyerdynamic Aventho wireless

Explore new sound galaxies

Never has your favorite music sounded so perfect: the sound personalization in our new high-end model Aventho wireless makes a new, entirely personal listening experience possible. The “Make it yours” app, MIY app in short, allows you to personalize your headphones according to your hearing and preferences. For musical enjoyment without limits.


Via the “Make it yours“ app (MIY app), Aventho wireless makes personalized sound possible. In cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH, the sound personalization was directly integrated into the wireless headphones.

Based on your own hearing and thanks to Mimi’s technology, you can create your individual sound profile and upload it to the headphones. The Aventho wireless adapts perfectly to their user and always provides an optimized and individual listening experience, independent from your playback device.

From October, the app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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