Possibility of LQ Series and Trilogy Mercury in IP and VoIP

Possibility of LQ Series and Trilogy Mercury in IP and VoIP

At this year’s Special Operations Forces Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL, Clear-Com®, the global leader in real-time communications and connectivity solutions, will present its highly scalable voice communications solutions with cross-domain, interoperability, scalability and full-duplex capabilities.

Clear-Com will also demonstrate the latest version of its LQ Series Interfaces, which unlocks IP capabilities for analog and digital intercom users. As a brand-agnostic interface platform, LQ uses IP for long haul communications across geographies and networks, remote access to radios over IP and allowing small/dislocated or mobile units to reach-back to main units using the LQ Series. The LQ Series also leverages the internet’s global reach to connect remote users with Clear-Com’s Agent-IC mobile client app running on iOS or Android smart devices. Any core user on the main intercom system can instantly connect with contributors on the Agent-IC mobile app for monitoring the intercom or joining the conversation remotely.

n addition, the LQ Series supports connections to VoIP telephony via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP enables integration into existing phone and conferencing systems allowing outside non-intercom users to join in the communications without the need for equipment investment, allowing for more participants with a lower cost of entry.

Clear-Com will present its Trilogy Mercury solution that offers four unique capabilities in one system:

  • Certified as a key component within an ICD 503 MLS Solution. Multiple security levels can now be traversed without compromising IP security;
  • Interoperability between disparate communications systems. The solution offers an array of options to seamlessly interconnect a myriad of systems via Ethernet/IP, fiber, MADI, POTS, Dante, AES67, and radio interfaces;
  • Scalability for any size operation. Whether in need of a small system with several users, or a sprawling intercom network with thousands of users, Clear-Com solutions allow for easy expandability to meet project requirements virtually of any scale;
  • Real-time, full-duplex voice communication for instant and continuous conversations. Voice exchanges occur in real-time effectively and efficiently across different communications systems and geographies.
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