At present, we can not imagine our life without television and cinema.
MediaTech сompany, provides the full range of solutions for the implementation of projects for television broadcast and film production in Azerbaijan and CIS countries.
We offer:
Solutions for television studios.

We will offer you a high-tech project based on software and hardware solutions from the world’s best manufacturers for your TV channel building from scratch or for the modernization of the existing one.
We will help you to design the best project for your goals or to upgrade the outdated area of the television complex:

  • Operator’s shop
  • Hardware studio block
  • Etheric hardware
  • Television journalistic complex (TLC)
  • Graphic and editing complexes
  • Storage Servers and Media Asset Management
  • Switching equipment and signal transmission systems

Construction of mobile television stations (PTS) Our projects of mobile TV stations are characterized by innovative solutions and ergonomic arrangement of workplaces. A well thought out video-audio path takes into account the peculiarities of operation. All the machines strictly comply with all the necessary temperature and sound insulation standards. We provide a full package of documents and certificates required for the licensing of the TCP.

Complex of equipment for film studios and post-production We offer shooting equipment, camera equipment and the necessary editing and graphic complexes adapted for film production. We know the film industry from the inside, since we have a lot of experience in organizing the shooting process. Our solutions and technologies will provide a quality picture and shorten the production time for feature and documentary films, serials, animated films, commercials and video clips.

Solutions for video track for sports facilities As a system integrators, we offer the design and construction of a television infrastructure for new and modernization of existing sports complexes. Our main task is to properly design a television infrastructure that meets all the requirements of international sports federations for modern sports complexes. Our experts received the status of experts during the preparation for the European Games 2015 and Islamic Games 2017.

Interactive solutions, visualization of the learning process for educational institutions and video solutions for administrative institutions. In our time of high technology in every modern organization there should be an interactive video display system, a video conferencing system, a data storage system and an internal television system. A team of specialists from MediaTech will help you to design and implement all the necessary solutions for the development of your educational, administrative and organizational process.