About us

MediaTech copany is specialized in the field of modern solutions for film-video production, broadcasting and show business. Its principal activities are: the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment used in the broadcasting, film production, TV studios and recording studios, concert halls and theaters.
The purpose of the company is the provision of Azerbaijan media market with advanced technologies and worldwide industry trends. The main principles for the realization of this goal were:

  • Accurate observance of world quality standards
  • local technical support
  • long-term partnership

High profficiency of the staff of MediaTech company and a large number of realized projects allow us to be ahead of our competitors and keep the leading positions in the market. We are ready to provide 24 / 7 expert assistance and support for the organization of your business.

MediaTech team, consists of experienced professionals, able to design and implement high-quality solutions, in Azerbaijan and abroad.
We position ourselve as a company focusnig on long-term mutually beneficial relationships.