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MediaTech creates advanced lighting solutions for business, from complex light modules to individual lamps. Our team creates a concept and develops ideas, designs systems, provides lighting equipment, performs a full range of electrical and commissioning works, and provides training and equipment maintenance.

We offer a wide range of solutions:

  • studio lighting and studio lighting systems
  • theater lighting, theatrical suspension systems and stage mechanics
  • concert and entertainment lighting systems
  • architectural lighting

Studio lighting plays an important role in creating scenes during television filming and filming of movies. Professional lighting not only provides the required level of brightness. It allows you to create the desired mood, and also supports compositions and concepts developed by lighting designers. Lighting is of the highest importance, with important factors being first-class color rendering, stable color temperatures and maximum color reproduction accuracy.

Theatrical lighting must meet high standards. Unlike television and cinema, theatrical delivery does not allow you to record, edit and change camera angles. The light sources used for theatrical lighting should be very precise and create a color gamut on the stage, taking into account one or another director’s production. In such situations, stable color temperatures, high brightness and modern, controlled lifting systems are required.

The task of concert and entertainment lighting, create impressive effects and an inspiring atmosphere. The right choice of lighting allows artists to appear in front of the audience in all their splendor. When musicians or entertainers enter the stage, the light must convey the mood, match the musical concept, rhythm. Every year the product lines from light producers change, new lighting solutions appear, allowing to keep pace with the times.

Architectural lighting should be effective, attract attention to architectural attractions and emphasize exclusivity. The created effect should show the character and influence the appearance of the house or street, therefore, increase the attractiveness of the complex. Different colors create a different mood, from calm and functional to home and cozy. One of the important aspects of our solutions is energy saving.


We develop creative solutions for modern brands.

MediaTech is a leading system integrator of advanced video, audio and lighting solutions. Our goal is to help our customers realize their ideas by providing the most advanced technology and exceptional service. More

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